Align Your Love Life 1:on:1 Coaching 

4 x 90 Minute Session Coaching Package with Jennifer Russell 

1:on:1  COACHING PACKAGE with Jennifer Russell
We often get asked, “Am I giving up too early if I leave or am I giving up on myself if I stay?“. We’ll work with you to uncover the answer helping to work with all parts of you towards getting aligned.  You'll  learn our unique 'Compatibility test' and will get support with your clarity.

4 x 90min Zoom Calls 

You'll also get 4x 90min Video Zoom Calls with Jennifer where you'll have an opportunity to learn more relational skills, get individual support and resolve your relationship challenges, plus you'll receive a recording of your session.

 Join The Evolving Love Community

You'll have the option to join the Evolving Love Community of Evolutionary Lovers who care about being great at loving each other.  There you can meet other couples like you and give and receive reflections and support.

Access Early Bird  Discounts

As a 1:on:1 Coaching Client, you'll be on the list to receive special discounts on the Evolving Love Courses, Workshops, and Live Retreats along with access to any free resources which will be mailed to your inbox.
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You're totally protected with our 100% guarantee. If you participate in each session and put into practice any of the tools and exercises given to you in the session and you are still unsatisfied, you can write to us to request a 100% refund within 30 days of the date of purchase.  


If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.  You can email us  your message at and we'll schedule a complementary 30 minute session to explore how we can best support you.