What Is The Evolving Love Circle?

Evolving Love Circle is a live love focused mastermind.   You and a community of people committed to evolving the way they love will come together on a bi-monthly 1 hour group call  where you'll have an opportunity to rewrite your relationship DNA. 

During these calls there will be 2-4 hot seats where you'll receive laser-guided coaching from Jennifer Russell and invaluable mirroring and feedback from the rest of the people in the circle. 

It is an opportunity to participate in the kind of 1:1 coaching that our private clients pay 4-figures for each month for a fraction of that price.  

This is for you if you've decided to up-level your relational skills, frameworks, and practices which will impact every interaction you are having.   People who are single and those in relationship are welcome to join.

To make a lasting change in your relational skills and love life...

It takes a higher level of thinking & feeling:  To transform your relationship DNA & evolve the way you love, you need to know how to handle challenging interactions - not just theories or concepts, but practices that guarantee you aren't endlessly circling the same issues but are raising the quality of conversations & relating you engage in.

It takes a dialogue: It's one thing listen to a webinar or to read a great book on relationship theory, but without a 2-way dialog where you can actually begin applying these theories actively with someone who can help you find the hidden patterns, you won't make much progress.
It takes a community: The unconscious patterns that you find yourself are universal. There is tremendous power seeing your patterns on display in others & watching how they get resolved. There is a similar power in having your patterns be witnessed and mirrorer by evolving lovers who see the best in you. This is the healing power of community.
It takes consistency: Any time you are trying on a new behavior, it takes willpower & dedication so you don't slip back to the old way of being, even when you know the new way is much better. After a decade of teaching human transformation, we've learned that having accountability to show up can amplify your willpower and dedication.
What You'll Learn:
The direction of each of our live calls will be primarily driven by what you bring to your hot seat each call.  During that time we'll you'll get laser guided 1:on:1 coaching and 360 degree mirroring from this group.
Learn how to
Identify and resolve your most painful recurring patterns
Get a 360 view of some of your blindspots and high quality mirroring and feedback to help bring awareness to the dynamics that are at play in your life
Learn the practices of evolutionary partnership to improve your relational skills
Learn how to get the nourishment you need in your relationships so there is no need to continue those unhealthy patterns
Learn how you may have "forced" your current and past partners to play unhealthy / co-dependent roles that didn't serve either one of you
Locate your internal guidance system that is never wrong about if you should stay in a relationship that's not quite working
Learn what to do when your partner triggers you and how to de-escalate without giving up your truth
Practice creating a non-judgmental space between you and your partner where past mistakes can be cleared, where both partners feel lighter, more inspired, and more committed
Upgrade the unhealthy personal beliefs you might be carrying around and install a set of evolutionary principals
Learn how to give feedback that other people can’t wait to hear and integrate - even in a romantic or sexual context.
Clarify your purpose, and the purpose of your relationships both sexual and non-sexual
Create an atmosphere of accountability, secure attachment, and healthy interdependence that your current or future partner can step into
Live Q&A Coaching Circle on Evolving Love with Jennifer Russell
Participate in a community of evolutionary lovers who will mirror and support each other to rewrite our relational DNA
60 Minute bimonthly group calls every other Tuesday at your choice of either 2:00 PM or 5:00 PM PT with Jennifer Russell
Get laser guided 1:on:1 help, frameworks, practices, and exercises on how to Evolving the Way you love
Once a week Bryan & Jennifer are available for office hours on our Evolving Love Facebook Group
Includes daily, weekly, monthly practices delivered right to your email inbox to completely transform any relationship in 7 weeks
Learn from real people who live a passionate evolutionary relationship. See inside our love relationship and learn how we handle conflict, sex, attraction, purpose, children, money, commitment, and all the conversations that can be tricky for most relationships

Facilitated by Jennifer Russell
Evolving Love Circle
Tue Jan 3rd 2016
2:00 PM or 5:00 PM PT
Live 60 Minute Bi-monthly Calls on Tuesday
To Evolve Love Through Community


Evolving Love Circle
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