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Having an evolutionary relationship doesn't happen by accident. It's something you consciously create with your knowledge, your beliefs & your emotional availability. Whether you're single or in a relationship, everything you do is either pulling intimacy towards you, or pushing it away.

In these sessions you’ll get a new, broader context for love, sex, intimacy and your specific relationship patterns. No matter what you’re dealing with in your relationship, your relationship struggles are normal and can be overcome...but we often need outside help to end recurring fights once and for all. Once you see how you are creating the exact behavior in your partner that troubles or frustrates you the most, you can free yourself of repeating the same fights over and over and start to use your relationship to call you both into being the most extraordinary versions of yourself. Extraordinary Relationship Sessions are offered for women, men, and couples.

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3x90 minute sessions each month
Laser coaching custom crafted to your unique situation in a 1:on:1 session with Jennifer (or BOTH Bryan and Jennifer)
Understand your yourself (and your partner if you are in a relationship)  at a deeper level to rewrite your relationship DNA
Singles: 3x90 minute sessions
Couples: 1x90min, with partner#1
1x90min. with partner#2
1x90min. with both partners
Create a new, inspiring context for your relationship that moves you from repetitive arguments once and for all, and offers a way forward for you both to live into
Uncover the ways you are unconsciously rewarding the behavior you appreciate least in your relationships
Learn how to handle conflict and trigger in a more evolutionary context so that it ends up being what has you grow rather than devolve and disconnect

Relationship Experts Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell
Align Your Love Life Private Coaching
Rewrite Your Relationship DNA &
Embody Your Ideal Love Story

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