1:on:1 Coaching Packages
Choose one of our multi-session coaching packages with Jennifer Russell  to help support you in rewriting your relational DNA and embodying your ideal love story and we'll share with you our best tools, upgrades, skills and mindsets that are custom designed for your situation to help you evolve the way you love.


Get Private 1:on:1 Coaching for Your Relationship With Jennifer Russell

If you are having the same fight again and again, you might need some extra help to get to the bottom of it.  Learn the language of permanent resolution as Bryan and Jennifer facilitate you through their Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution Process. 

Format:  4 x 90 Min Sessions
Price: $2000

When you life, work, and love together that kind of partnership can either be extraordinary OR extraordinarily difficult.   In these sessions we'll address these unique challenges PLUS we'll give our best upgrades to improve your relational skills.

Format:  4 x 90 Min Sessions
Price: $2000
We often get asked, “Am I giving up too early if I leave or am I giving up on myself if I stay?“. We’ll work with you to uncover the answer helping to work with all parts of you towards getting aligned.  You'll  learn our unique 'Compatibility test' and will get support with your clarity.

Format:  4 x 90 Min Sessions
Price: $2000


Here's some of what you'll get from these powerful multi-session coaching packages which are designed to create a breakthrough in your relationship. 
(NOTEYou can attend these sessions together with your partner or do them separately)


How do you navigate the unique challenges that come up when you live, work, and love together? Working with your beloved can either be extraordinary - because you are spending most of your time with the person you love the most and working in business together with the person you trust and respect the most -- or it can be extraordinarily difficult -- because you are working day in and day out with the person who can trigger you the most easily and is most sensitive to your unconscious patterns.

We’ll show you shortcuts to making sure the dream of working with your beloved is just as wonderful in reality, and help you see where hidden gaps in understanding and unconscious definitions are getting in your way.

Format: Z
oom sessions with Jennifer

Price: 4 x 90 min package for $2000


If you are fighting right now, and it seems like you are having the same fight you’ve had before again and again, you might need some extra help making sure you really get to the bottom of it and heal the underlying issue that is causing it to re-occur.

Learn the language of permanent resolution. We’ll show you how to go beyond just “understanding” and “having compassion” for your partner when you have conflict, but resolving it fully in a way that feels great to both of you and ensures that the past will not repeat itself in the future. Using Evolving Love’s “Perfect Vision” process, we’ll see together how peaceful, happy resolutions to repetitive conflicts are hidden in the very language that have caused us to go around in circles in the past.

Format: Zoom sessions with Jennifer

Price: 4 x 90 min package for $2000


One of the most common questions we get asked is “Am I giving up too early if I leave or am I giving up on myself if I stay?“. We’ll work with you to uncover each part of you that has conflicting feelings and uncertainty, and then arrive together at the deep unshakable truth so you can make a decision for yourself and your relationship that you know with every fiber of your being is the right one.

We’ll find deep alignment together and use the Evolving Love compatibility test to uncover if it's possible and likely that you and your partner can create your dream relationship. Sometimes it is the right thing to do close the chapter with love and dignity. Sometimes it is the right thing to do to look more deeply at your unconscious patterns and allow your relationship guide you to who you most want to become. Discover what is most true for you.

Format: Zoom sessions with Jennifer

Price: 4 x 90 min package for $2000



Jennifer and Bryan are partners in life, in love, and in business..  They've led 20 years of impactful transformational events designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs and the underlying assumptions that create what is possible incorporating the best of NLP, the human potential movement, family systems, attachment theory, evolutionary psychology, parts work, collaborative systems, bioenergetics, neuroscience, various spiritual traditions, and sacred theater.

They work with couples to develop a deeper context for their relationship designed to lead both towards their own evolution. They are a stand for relationships that have a 'both / and' rather than an 'either / or' relationship to Freedom and Devotion. When they first came together they didn't know how to do relationship right after having each experienced the more typical patterns most of us call relating. Given their dedication to growth and desire to become extraordinary lovers they decided deliberately to build what they call an evolutionary partnership brick by brick developing powerful models and distinctions along the way.


If you have any questions we'd love to hear fro my you, send an email us at info@evolvinglove.us and we'll schedule a complementary 30 minute session to explore how we can support you.